bart_calendar (bart_calendar) wrote,

I Love Me The Crazy

So, Charlie Sheen made the rounds of the morning news shows in America today.

The link has the videos from both the Today Show and Good Morning America - and, man, are they worth your time.

Just a few samples of the goodies:

1. He wants the CEO of CBS to lick his feet.

2. He believes that he has "tiger blood and Adonis DNA."

3. He's going to sue to try to force Warner Brothers to change their company name to "Charlie's Brothers."

4. He wants to get a giant scale for the "mountains of gold" he claims CBS and Warner Brothers will have to give him once he sues.

5. He thinks AA is "poison" and created by lowlifes and written by a plagiarizer.

6. He offers to piss in a cup in front of the female GMA interviewer.

But, there is much, much more fun to be found in these clips. It's a fucking goldmine.
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