bart_calendar (bart_calendar) wrote,

Blinded By The Light

In which I once again ask why bother making some blind items blind when anyone with half a brain can figure out who they are talking about.

"BlindGossip – It’s easy to criticize an out-of-control celebrity. Their wild behavior is practically a spectator sport. But sometimes there is more going on than meets the eye. In the case of this celebrity, it’s not just fame or narcissism or too much money. It’s mental illness. Bipolar disorder, to be more specific.

When he’s on his meds, he is somewhat in control. But then he stops taking them, and starts self-medicating the highs with alcohol, and the lows with cocaine. Then it all spirals out of control and everything gets mixed together, and he becomes extremely manic and delusional. He’ll fight both the upcoming 5150 and the conservatorship, but they are going to happen."
Tags: celebrities
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