bart_calendar (bart_calendar) wrote,

Day At The Montpellier Zoo

Rome Girl was supposed to spend the day with her friends but they bailed on her at the last minute so I took her to the Montpellier Zoo.

Man, that's the weirdest zoo I've ever been too.

It's more like a giant park that very rarely has an animal you might see.

During the course of our day there I would guess we saw maybe 10 animals.

One of them was a lion who roared a bunch at a zookeeper who was taunting him from behind a fence. I really, really hope for the zookeeper's sake that the fence never weakens, because it was clear that if that lion ever escapes it's going to fuck that guy up.

They did have a rhino which was pretty cool and two bears who were cute.

One of the other odd things is that they pretty much don't have any safety measures in place at all. If I was a 15 year old on a dare I could have easily climbed the three foot barrier between me and the rhino and gone up to it.

But, whatever, we had fun and spent the day walking which means we got a lot more exercise than we usually do, so all in all I can't complain. And, the zoo is free.

On the other hand, I wouldn't exactly recommend the Montpellier Zoo to anyone who wanted to actually go to a zoo.
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