bart_calendar (bart_calendar) wrote,

Call To My Readers

I have not done shooter games since my PS2 died about three years ago.

The reason being that I liked the PS2 shooter thing where you had one joystick to move you back and forth and around and shit.

When my friends lent me Halo 3 I was completely confused by having to use two joysticks to move around.

Now, I got 100 bucks the other day that I didn't expect and really miss playing shooters.

My first instinct is to buy Call Of Duty: Black Ops - because I've heard you can be Richard Nixon killing zombies and that sounds like lots of fun.

And, I kind of think that even if the controls are awkward for me knowing that I could eventually get to that stage will make me want to learn how to use them (as opposed to Halo 3 where since I had never played the first two Halos I had no investment in figuring shit out)

That said, I don't want to waste a hundred bucks on a game if it's just going to make me scream.

So, I ask you - is Call of Duty: Black Ops fun enough to motivate me to figure out how to play it and if not, what Xbox 360 shooter would you suggest for a dude who is more used to PS2 shooters?

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