August 5th, 2018

Dark Souls Remastered - Day Two

Went to see Mission Impossible Fallout so only had about an hour and half to invest in this today.

As suggested yesterday yes you can run past most of the enemies in order to get the Taurus Demon. So spent some time figuring out which ones I could run past and which ones I had to fight. Finally figured this out.

Then went and fought the Taurus Demon about six or seven times getting killed each time. Then I notice there is a thing I can climb. Go back, kill the skeletons up there and try to land on the Taurus Demon.

Try this about four times and no luck. Am fucking around on my controller and realize I can change weapons. Change to battle axe and I'm able to get the Taurus Demon about one hit from death before I am killed.

This causes me to switch to battle axe for good. The problem is I'm so used to the sword that it takes me a bunch of tries to get used to the axe.

Finally get back to Taurus Demon and once more get within a hit or two of killing it and then I die.

Will play again on Tuesday and hopefully beat Taurus Demon.