August 4th, 2018

Dark Souls Remastered - Day One

So, whenever I post about a video game someone always comments "You should try Dark Souls! It's so hard!"

I find that weird because I'm either a great player or a horrible player. Horizon Zero Dawn? Everyone complains that's hard and I sailed through it killing robo dinos left and right.

But something like Portal 2? Man I could not get past the third or fourth puzzle - after three weeks of trying.

I held a fundraiser which raised about 3/4's of the money needed to buy the game and then kicked in the rest on my own. I went in knowing nothing about the game.

Downloaded it and clicked "Start."

First off is 15 minutes of ads from Playstaion telling me I should be playing it online and giving me discount codes to sign up for PS Plus. No deal.

I finally get to the game. Make my character and then sit through 15 minutes of intro that may or may not have helpful information in it but lord if I'll ever know because after about five minutes I gave up paying any attention to it.

Game finally starts. I'm locked in a dungeon but go figure there's an easy to find key and then I'm out and there's all this information written on the floors that is shit like "Hit R2 for a hard attack."

I move though it pretty easily and actually figured out accidentally that the first time you see the big demon you are supposed to run the fuck away from it.

Spend an hour figuring out how to kill stuff. Kill stuff and then it's back to the real fight against this demon. First six times I fail at it.

Then I decide to read the words on the ground in front of the entrance to the demon (I'd given up reading them a while ago.) It says "Hit R1 in mid air to do a big attack."

Ah. Will be reading more of those later. So I do the the flying attack and it rids the thing of half it's hit points and I'm good to beat it.

Which then starts the real version of the game with stats and experience points (souls) and leveling up.

All in all from the bonfire (save point) that I'm at there are roughly six ways to go. Try out the fire three and kill a couple skeletons and get some useful objects. Try the fourth and fifth and get instadeath and figure they are not the way to go.

So the sixth way is the charm. And after getting killed about 40 times I figure it out. You are supposed to grind in this game.

I start grinding. My character gets souls (XP) and I start moving through the game. For the next two hours or so I kill about a dozen guys, go back to my bonfire, level up and throw all my experience points into vitality.

Do this through something called World Of The Undead or some bullshit until I get to Taurus Demon. Try killing him once, get smushed look at the time and realize I've been playing for four hours.

At this point I'm Level 17 with Vitality of 23. No clue if that's good or not.

My overall impression so far is not that it's hard but that it doesn't tell you you have to grind. Once you are willing to grind enough it seems a hell of a lot easier than Horizon Zero Dawn where I had 45 things to choose from for every attack.

My complaints are no pause button and that bonfires (save points) seem pretty fucking few and far between.