January 9th, 2018

Book Of Despair Chapter Five Is Up! With A Preview!

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Figuring you probably want to know what it's about here's a section from Chapter Five!

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"At the Lipstick Lesbian's place. It's just starting to pick up.

Rome Girl is there with The Coven. She didn't clean herself up at all. Cum dripping out of her. Drying on her chest. Sprayed around her thighs.

She hurts. He was so big. He lasted forever. So sub to her. The human dildo. Available to ride all night long. No sleep.

The Bloody Mary's just starting to kick in. Looking at her English Breakfast. Eggs. English bacon. Baked beans. Mushroom. Tomatoes. All covered in brown sauce. Mixing it together. It looks like blood. Another drink and she'd be able to eat it.

The conversation turned to who they'd all fucked that night. Girl gossip with an edge.

They'd all scored of course. Confident women with an agenda could always get dick. It didn't matter your age. It didn't matter what you looked like. Dick was free of charge and everywhere. Floating in the wild.

Not as dangerous as it seemed. Cock could be tamed. Men were weak. Women were strong – most just didn't realize the strength their sex gave them. The Coven knew – and took advantage when they could.

“He was just 20! His body was amazing. We did it five times.”

“Mine had tattoos everywhere. Even around his cock. His load was crazy.”

“He wanted me to piss on him!”

“I haven't let a guy jizz in me in forever.”

Standard operating bullshit. All the details of what they'd done and who they'd done it with. It meant nothing. It meant everything.

Rome Girl remembered when she used to be able to forget things. That time is past. Now she remembers everything. This conversation will be running around her brain for years. All the mundane crap.

It was just cocks in pussy and mouth and ass. But it mattered to them, so she played along.

They'd all been with her guy already, so it was easy. No fuss. No muss. They loved that she'd paid for the room and put him in his place. All slapped hands.

Miss Darling hadn't shown up yet. Neither had The Bicycle Lesbian. Gossip about what they had been up to. As if it mattered. As if they really cared. As if there was some meaning inside all of this.

Another drink came. Half of it in one go. Food moving to her mouth. She thinks of the cocks that were inside the women around her. Gagging. Still, she swallows.

Food in her system.

She's ready for another day."