January 24th, 2016

Accurate But Wrong Book Descriptions

Whenever I'm in the middle of a long writing job I do a menal exercise where I stop every 15 minutes or so and write something completely  unrelated to keep my brain free. Today I did that posting seriously wrong book descriptions on Facebook. Here they are:

1. A bored French guy on a beach decides that The Cure will need a hit single in 1979.

2. Before the Internet, life was so boring in Dublin that a single day felt like months.

3. In a shocking twist it turns out that the greatest works of art in the world are actually an elaborate Sudoku puzzle to reveal the secret sex life of a long dead Jew.

4. Unpopular girl decides not to wait until the 10th reunion to tell her high school bullies to "fuck off and die."

5. A woman from an emotionally abusive family behaves exactly the way MRAs think women behave and yet the book is loved by men and women alike.

6. A loyal mouse watches a bunch of white dudes kill Black Jesus, yet remains friends with one of them anyway.

7. A group of children in the 1950s learn that underage gang bangs are the best way to save the world.

8. A railroad executive decides to take a long time off of work when she meets a new fuck buddy.

9. A pedophile decides to tell his story in order to spark a millennial fashion trend.

10.  In between renting movies a Wall Street guy imagines his life is more interesting than it actually is.