January 22nd, 2016

Peeing And Farting

A woman on my Facebook feed today noted that unless they concentrate they tend to fart when they pee.

This has never happened to me, but maybe I'm weird.

Or maybe it's something that happens to women but not men.

I have no clue.

So, I'm asking you.

Poll #2034270 P And F

Dudes, Do You Tend To Fart When You Pee?

I'm not a dude.

Women, Do You Tend To Fart When You Pee?

I'm not a woman.

What's Your Most Ridiculous Post Club Moment?

If you ever went to a club in your teens and 20s you probably did at least one stupid thing. Probably more than one. What's the dumbest  story you have.

Here's mine:

I was living in New Brunswic and we decided to take the train into the city in order to hang out at Tunnel. At around 8 in the morning after ingesting who the fuck knows how many intoxicants we left, go to Penn Station and waited for the train back to New Jersey.

We got back around 11 or so and were seriously  hungry. Like out of your mind hungry. And also super hungover. So, we hit the Burger King next to the train station. At the time it was hosting a birthday party. And all the kids were running around with those paper Burger King crowns on.

Several minutes later I couldn't take it anymore and stood up and screamed "I am fucking tired of these decadant children and their fucking crowns."

Shockingly we were soon escorted out.

What's your story?