December 5th, 2015

Game Of Thrones - A Telltale Game Review

Man, this is the weakest Telltale game so far by far. (I've tried all except Tales From The Borderlands.)

It starts off strong with us interacting wtih the main Game Of Thrones characters left alive at the end of the Purple Wedding and teases us that it's going to fill in some of the story gaps left in the books and the show.

But, slowly it instead starts focusing on House Forrester and their fight with a neighboring house. We don't really have any reason to care about either of these houses - particularly once it becomes clear that no matter which house wins, Ramsey Snow is going to be in charge of them anyway.

The Forresters are known for growing Ironwood and large subplots of the game are dedicated to the business of setting Ironwood prices and trying to corner the Ironwood market. Why anybody would give a shit about this, I'm unsure.

You also have to control five different Forresters in five different parts of the world. This means that you get four minutes of playing one character and just as you are getting into them are suddenly transported somewhere else. It's really jarring.

It kept itself fairly interesting through Chapter Five (mostly by having us intereact with Dannys) but man Chapter Six is a slog.

All of the main characters from the show are absent and we are tasked with trying to save the Forresters - even though we know that if they save them they'll just become Ramsey Snow's slaves. It's hard to get yourself worked up to save people who are doomed no matter what you do.

Many of the missions seem pointless because they are. Do you really want to spend a half  hour on a mission to save Tyrion from his cell when we know he doesn't get out of there until Jamie helps him in events that happen long after the scope of this game?  Or help Dannys try to conquor Mereen when we know she's going to win  no matter what?

The game isn't awful, but it's in the three star range. For 19 bucks I didn't feel ripped off buying the season pass, but by the end I was just praying for it to be over.