December 2nd, 2015

Wrap Up Of Every GOP Debate That Has Happened And/Or Will Happen

Carson: I"m a doctor who doesn't understand women's health issues and I'm so meta that I started writing fiction and began with my biography.

Cruz: Hey, guys, we really need to win Florida and Cuban Americans vote there!

Rubio: I'm the good looking one!

Bush: You thought my brother was dumb? You ain't seen nothing yet!

Fiorina: Sure I nearly destroyed a company, but do we really want to give all the female votes to Clinton?

Chris Christie: Choose me or I'll eat your children and cause massive traffic jams across the country.

Huckabee: Please Jesus, save my campaign!

Rand Paul: Want to destroy the government? I'm super qualified for the job!

Kasich: Really, I'm still in the race.

Trump: Mexicans are the new Jews.