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October 27th, 2015

Notes On A Day Without Facebook

As you know I've been "banned" from Facebook for a week for making a joke about drugs. I find this ironic since other than vodka and my anti-anxiety pills I don't like drugs and I can't imagine anyone reading into the post that I do like drugs. But, whatever, it gives me time to fuck around and here are some things I've noticed.

Things you can still do while "banned" by Facebook:

1. Like or share or comment on any "sponsored content." I'm sure you are shocked at this.

2. Add people who are clearly porn spambots. (And, it turns out you suddenly get a bunch of porn spambots when you are banned. No clue why.)

3. Add people who friend you. (Though you can't send friend requests yourself.) EDIT - ON YOUR PHONE IT WILL LET YOU SEND FRIENDS REQUESTS TO ANYONE INCLUDING PEOPLE CALLLED HITLER. It just won't let you send friends requests from your laptop.

4. Read stuff people have posted.

5. Use messgenger.

Things I have seen posted in the past 24 hours in threads on Facebook that have not gotten the people involved banned.

1. Confederate flags.

2. Holocaust denial crap.

3. "Tranny", "Fag", "He/she", "chick with dick", "dyke", "nigger" and ads for "Jenna Jameson's Used Panties."

4. Links to marijuana clubs. Which, you know, unlike me, actually do "encourage drug use."

5. White History Month

6. Over 5,000 people have been allowed to like white supremacy.

What it won't let me do:

Create an account for Harley Calendar even after I went to the bother of creating a HarleyQuinnCalendar@gmail email account.

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