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October 9th, 2015

The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Nominations - Who Will Get In This Year?

Jesus Christ gaming the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame is going to be hard this year. Usually there are a couple obvious ones that should be in and a bunch of "please god why they are they on the list" nominees. But this year a good argument could be made for every single one of them.

Still, in general, only five, and rarely six, actually make it in. So it's time to try to figure out which five.  And I have a poll to find out what five you think should get in. Please only pick five. It's going to be brutal this year.

My thoughts:

Chicago - Great band but have had so many members who the fuck would you actually induct? So while in a normal year they'd get in, they get cut this year.

Cheap Trick - Will totes get in. They perfected the concept of using live albums to generate success and are much, much more popular internationally than in America. They are also friends with half the voting members of the hall. Their one handicap may be that in the UK they are not that popular and there are a bunch of UK voting members of the Hall.

Deep Purple - I'm shocked they are not in already. Their downside is that there have only one really well known song and are more popular in Europe than America. I think they have to wait until an easier year.

The Cars - Could go either way. This one comes down to how much influence the recent younger members of the Hall have. If Armstrong and Grohl can whip up votes they'll get in. If not, not.

Chacka Khan - Coin flip. Most years yes she'd get in, but Chic is also up. Either Chic or Chacka Khan will get in this year but not both. No clue how that goes.

Chic - See Chacka Khan.

The J.Bs. - Yes, James Brown gets in.

Janet Jackson - She's doomed this year. Next year she'll make it. Any vote she would  normally get is going to Chacka Khan.

Los Lobos - They should get in but won't because I've yet to see any evidence at all that members of the Hall have any appreciation of anything Latin or otherwise ethnic.

Steve Miller - Every member of the Hall over age 40 will think "Why isn't he already in?" and vote for him.

N.W.A. - They will get in. They are hot right now with the movie out and the Hall knows they will bring eyeballs to the fundraising show.

Nine Inch Nails - They will probably squeak in. This is the band that the  younger members will most likely throw their weight toward.

The Smiths - They deserve to be in but have pissed off most of the music industry at some point in time and won't show up to play if they show up at all so they won't get in.

The Spinners - One older group always gets in and this is the only one nominated so they get it.

Yes - Without them I don't think most of prog rock would exist, so they deserve to get in. But they suffer the same fate as Chicago - who the fuck do you induct? It would almost be easier if they were nominated as Anderson, Buford, Wakeman, Howe.

Pick Five

Cheap Trick
Deep Purple
The Cars
Chaka Khan
The J.Bs
Janet Jackson
Los Lobos
Steve Miller
Nine Inch Nails
The Smiths
The Spinners

A Subtle Note About Cheap Trick

I will say that one of the reasons Cheap Trick has a giant place in my heart is because they made the first album I owned that my parent's told me "sucked."

My mom and dad were totally into me at age 9 being into The Sex Pistols, The Rolling Stones and John Prine  but when I was 10 thought "Live At Budokan" was "Kiddie Rock" and not something they wanted to hear on my PlaySchool record player.

Ironic, given the subject matter of "Surrender."

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