October 5th, 2015

Yes, Girls Fuck Assholes

The key word in that headline is "girls."  I got to thinking about this after the latest mass shooter and the general bitching that these dudes often feel that girls won't fuck them because they only fuck "assholes."

Here's the thing. Yes, teenage girls fuck assholes. That's because they have no life experience and live in a youth vacuum where social status is everything. They don't fuck the guys they really want to fuck, they fuck the guys that they think their peer group thinks they should fuck.  And, those dudes tend to be assholes.

But here's another thing, teenage boys fuck assholes as well. And they do so for the exact same reasons. They aren't fucking for fucking, they are fucking for peer status.

Most importantly both boys and girls fuck assholes because, in general, teenagers are assholes.

Women are anothe story. Girls grow up into women and eventually get super tired of fucking assholes just to impress their friends and then start dating cool people. Then the assholes suddenly stop getting laid and decent guys start getting their dicks wet.

The same thing happens to men (though it often takes a few more years.) Eventually they too get tired of fucking douchecanoes and start making reasonable sexual choices.

This is the thing I wish boys would understand. Sure you might not be getting any trim right now, but as long as you don't let yourself turn into a super asshole, girls will become women and want to fuck decent men. Just have a little patience.

Trust me, it's worth it.

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