September 25th, 2015

Borderlands - Why Did Nobody Tell Me This Existed?

A loyal blog reader bought me a copy of Borderlands:The Handsome Collection yesterday and holy mother of god am I enjoying this.

1. It's like first person Final Fantasy.

2. What do I like to do in games? Get experience points and open chests. This has a ton of that!

3. What do I hate in games? When the first level is fucking impossible. I breezed through the first two challenges. This will make me want to do the harder ones because I feel good about the game. When a game - Final Fantasy Type O or GTA V for example - make the first level/boss super hard it makes me feel bad so I just give up. This game makes me feel good.

4. Holy shit the robot reminds me of my kitten.

5. The game is funny.

6. The game looks great.

7. The game also doesn't seem to give a fuck if I worry about missions or not. It seems completely happy to reward me just for randomly wandering around killing things.