September 24th, 2015

Scream Queens

1. Fine, it's wildly anti-PC, anti-Social Justice Warriors, but it's also anti rich white straight people and it's funny.

2. The 80 films it's referencing were all like that. It would be far less interesting if it wasn't reminding us of Animal House, Porky's, every Jamie Lee Curtis horror movie, etc...

3. "We just like hitting golf balls at hippies."

4. "Broner!"

5. The text messaging scene is brilliance. Wes Craven is clapping in his grave.

6. Finally, a member of the Roberts family with some acting ability. Maybe she can teach her aunt and father how to act!

7. It's nice to see Jamie Lee getting back to her roots.

8. Having a main character in a series based on horror movies having a necro fetish is awesome.

9.  I cannot wait to see where the Boone plot line is going.

10. Still not going to be as good as Ash Vs. Evil Dead, but it will be nice to have two retro horror comedies to watch a week since usually there are none.

Pope Francis Talking To Congress

What the hell do you do when you are a Republican member of Congress elected into office by people who love Jesus and then the biggest Jesus lover on earth tells you in public that everything you are for is something Jesus would be against?

Seriously, dude told them that:

1. Jesus would address climate change.

2. Jesus would let immigrants in.

3. Jesus would give more money to poor and working people.

And he found sections in the Bible to back up  his shit.

I guess they simply have to pray that "Protestants hate Catholics" saves them. But, Jesus, that's a hell of a risk.