September 3rd, 2015

The Crazy Anti-Gay Marriage Clerk - Let's Be Better Than Her

So, a clerk is will to go to jail in order to not process forms for gay marriage. That person is clearly insane, should obviously be fired, should probably go to jail and should certainly be sued.

I think those are all reasonable statements to make about her. But you know what I think aren't reasonable arguments against her?

1. Comments about her hair, weight and clothing styles. And, honestly, popular meme saying "She's so anti-gay nobody will do her hair" - is not only shitty to her, but homophobic as well.

2. Comments about her sexual history. Look, if you don't want her judging your sex life, don't fucking judge hers.

I know the argument for slut shaming her is "but she's a hypocrite!" and/or "but the right wing slut shames us!"

Both arguments are complete and total bullshit.  The right wing is full of awful people doing awful things. We don't want to be like them in any way. As soon as you stoop to their level, they win. And, there's no reason our side can't win this one without becoming just like her and her supporters.

1. If you are not willing to do your job, you shouldn't have that job.

2. If you are willing to go to federal prison because someone has asked you to do your job, you are nuts and should be getting mental health care.

Those are sensible ways to argue against her without stooping to lookism or slut shaming. So, why not stick to those arguments rather than ones that make us look no different than homophobic sex  judging  pieces of shit?