September 1st, 2015

UI Interface Creep In Video Games

I don't understand the reason that videogame companies feel the need to constantly change the user interface for the players, when there is no indication that the original UI was bad.

The biggest incidence of this is the Final Fantasy games. Up to and including Final Fantasy X the UI during fighting was pretty much "monster is there, drop down menu appears, click on the action you want in the drop down. Repeat until you or the monster die. Take as much time as you like to make your choice, we are trying to get you to use your brain not mash buttons."

And those games were really, really popular, so clearly people like them. But after X, they kept changing the UI in every game. At one point you had to purchase potential actions, preprogram the ones you'd want to use in advance and thent he machine would automatically execute them in battle (meaning that you had to know what was coming up or you were likely to die so you just went out, got killed, redid your entire interface of commands and then went back out and won and kept doing that until you wanted to break your machine.) With each game after that they made the UI so much harder to use that by the time Type-O came out this year I couldn't even beat the first boss after an entire week of trying. I'll probably never buy a new Final Fantasy game again - and I was a loyal customer for well over 20 years.

I was reminded of this last night while playing the first chapter of  Season Two of The Walking Dead.  In Season One the interface was as simple and clean as you could get. To interact with the world you used the right stick to put a target on top of an object. You then clicked X and if you coudl do anythign with the object something happened.

Now for Season Two you have to move the thing on top of an object and then choose between four different buttons to see if you can interact with it.

Why? I played through the entire chapter and there is nothing new I can do because of the extra button choice. It enhances nothing. All it does is make it slightly more difficult to play. Now, it's not enough to put me or Rome Girl off of the game, but if they keep adding interface learning curves in each and every new season eventually we'll decide it's not for us, give up and find a game that respects that while some people like complex interfaces some don't.

You Guys Who Questioned What I Was Saying About Ashley Madison Can Appologize To Me Now

Remember when I said that Ashley Madison was a great place for gay people to hook up and you all said the data told me I was full of shit?

Remember when I said there were  hundreds of thousands of women on Ashley Madison and you said the data told me I was full of shit?

Remember posting to my Facebook that there are zero real women on Ashley Madison?

Well, turns out that when you look at the actual data there are at least 770,000 real women in the lesbian category alone and that "Ashley Madison was actually a pretty decent hookup site for gay people" and "women were connecting with each other and with men."

Yes, there were fake women bots on the site - but there are bots on AFF, Nerve, OkCupid and pretty much every other dating site out there - becasue getting men horny and giving men a perception of sexual attention is a time honored system of making money in the patriarchy.

But in between the bots real women were meeting real dudes on there and having real sex.

Which, given that I have spent nearly 15 years in the online sex industry is something that I knew from the start and was shocked when people were clearly thinking I was making this shit up.

Where To Go For Rebound Dick In Europe

Someone on the Saturday Night Social open thread on Jezebel this weekend said she had just broken up with a bad boyfriend and wanted to go on vacation in Europe for meaningless rebound fucking. She asked where to go. Since I live to serve I figured I'd create a guide.

1. Like dark curly hair and hairy chests - check out Madrid.

2. Like dark straight hair, hairy chests and sweet wine - check out Lisbon.

3. What to fuck UK guys on stag nights - check out Barcelona.

4. Don't care about height and like well dressed slightly feminine looking straight men - check out Paris.

5. Like Italian dudes or rich American dudes on vacation - check out Rome.

6. Into the macho thing - check out Prague.

7. Into kink - go to Berlin.

8. Into kink while being on drugs that even most chemists have yet to hear of - check out Amsterdam.