August 27th, 2015

New York Daily News Front Page - Awesome Or Awful?

The New York Daily News has a controversial front page today on the Virgina shooting.

I've seen two different discussions about it:

1. It is great because it tells the story of gun violence in America, demonstrates how powerful images are, and raises important questions about a society where everyone has a camera and can upload anything at any time.

2. It is an awful desperate attempt to profit off the dead.

Really have not seen any argument in between. As a former crime journalist I tend to lean toward Option 1. But as a human being I tend to lean toward Option Two.

The front page image is below the poll, under a cut.

Today's New York Daily News Cover Is

Great. The images tell the story.
Awful. It exploits the dead for no reason.
Something nuanced you will explain in comments.

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