August 25th, 2015

Everybody's Gone To The Rapture - Review

Everybody's Gone To The Rapture is, quite honestly, the most beautiful game I've ever played. Everything seems real and the detail work is incredible. Even places that you don't have any real reason to visit in the course of accomplishing things in the game have an incredible amount of detail work in them. Prepre to be amazed at what you see.

The premise is also really interesting. You start out and you are in an English town and there is nobody around at all. What you see are a lot of dead birds, some bloody tissues and in places like the local pub, still burning cigarettes. Suddenly you notice white balls of light running around that clearly want to tell you something.

As you follow these balls around short scenes from what happened right before whatever happened happened appear on  your screen. Your job is to piece these together to figure out what exactly happened. Doing so brings you into a bunch of soap opera type villiage scandals.

If that sounds fun you'll like the game. For me I enjoyed it but found it very, very short. Rome Girl and I are horrible video game players and we explored a lot of stuff there was no reason to explore and we beat it in three nights. A good gamer who just stuck to following the balls of light around could probably finish it in two to three hours. That's a bit short for a 19 euro game.

I also wasn't that satisfied with the final explanation - mostly because I thought it was pretty obvious from the begining. If  you are told fromt he start that they are scientists at a giant observatory sending signals into space and now the world is empty and the emptiness of the world started right by the observatory I think most people would come to the correct conclusion as to what the fuck happened.