August 20th, 2015

The Ashley Madison Bomb- Read Your Fucking Hawthorne

I think it says a lot about how incredibly fucked up America is that a celebrity can be accussed of child molestation, but what really gets people worked up is that he was revealed as an Ashley Madison customer.  What I think is sickening is that people are fucking gleeful that this person was in the Asley Madison data dump. Is the dude an assole? Sure. Does his private, non criminal interaction with a website deserve public exposure, no it does not.

It's amazing to me that we are able in 2015 to excuse all sorts of behavior from hard drug use on up on as a health problem or a problem with society, but for some reason think people who fuck someone who isn't their spouse is a fucking demon. Did none of you fuckers actually read The Scarlet Letter?

If you did - and I'm pretty sure everyone who went to high school in America had to - were you on the side of Hester's tormentors? Sure seems like it, you heartless bastards.

There are any number of reasons for having sex with someone other than your spouse. And none of them are any of your fucking business. And many of them are reasons that deserve your compassion and not your scorn.

Anyway, here's what's going to happen because of this data dump you pieces of shit are are gleeful about:

Some people are going to lose their jobs - even if their partner knew and approved of them being on the site.

Families are going to be destroyed.

Some people are going to kill themselves.

Some people, most of them women, are going to be beaten. Many of them will be murdered.

It will become societally acceptable to hack sites that involve people doing things that other people don't approve of. You think adulterty is bad? Well, guess what, motherfucker, there is something in  your life that lots of people think is bad. And public opinion on what "bad" is can change really fucking quickly. Five or 10 years down the line your life could be destroyed because of something like this.

But, yeah, you are gleeful because you get to be a judgemental cum stain for a day.

Hester Prynne weeps.