August 18th, 2015

The Alabama Sorority Recruitment Video Thing

You may have heard about the "scandal" involving the Alpha Phi Alabama sorority recruitment video yesterday.

If not, here's the summary. The sorority released a video online that contains members of the sorority dancing around wearing clothes clearly designed to show off their legs and boobs. Nearly all of them are bleach blondes. The only black person in the video is a football player they are all fawning over.

The video went viral garnishing a half million views pretty quickly and then Facebook and Twitter went nuts flooding the sorority's social media accounts with angry comments and tweets. Eventually the sorority was forced to pull the video off of YouTube. (But not before tons of other people had copied it and reloaded it.)

This is one of the times when I fucking hate being a left wing progressive - because, you know what, it was completely out of bounds to harrass these young women to the point where they have now had to shut down all their social media and had to deal with a day of being harassed. (And yes, it's still harassment even if you are a SWJ trying to "educate" them about being problematic.)

1. Sure the women seem somewhat objectified. But, guess what, they are the ones who decided to make the video. They are the ones who wanted to present their sorority this way. At the end of the day you have the right to objectify yourself.

2. This is probably what the sorority is like. I'm more than willing to believe that a sorority in Alabama is mostly white girls who like to party and that the only black people they have contact with are  male atheletes. And if that's their deal it's probs a good thing if their recruitment video   demonstrates that.

3.  The entire point of sororities is to have a club with people just like yourself. There are plenty of sororities just for super intellectual young women. And there are also sororities just for super pretty women who are more into booze than biology.

4. There aren't any confederate flags or anything in the video. This is a fucking Alabama sorority. That in itself is progress.

5. I bet there are a lot of sororities out there where atheletes are the only black dudes the women have contact with on a regular basis.

6. These are college kids. College kids do dumb things all the time. In the vast range of dumb things to do in college, making a video where you all jiggle your boobs seems pretty fucking harmless.

7. Point blank they didn't deserve to be bullied just because they don't live up to some arbitrary standard of how women should present themselves online that has been decided by SJWs.

8. If you think it's bullshit that sororities exist in general, I can see that. But making an "example" of one particular sorority for a silly video is not the way to accomplish that Taking on the sorority system as a whole is.