August 12th, 2015

A Song About An Old Welsh Witch

As an experiment Rome Girl and I watched the 75, 77 and 81 tours of Fleetwood Mac tonight. By far the least interesting was 81 when they were sober. By far the most interesting was 77 when they were completely out of their minds on drugs. Particularly fascinating is Rhiannon from 77 where Stevie goes from not even knowing the words in the middle of the song to completely saving it and making it awesome in the last 90 seconds.

Yes. Sex Work Should Be Legalized

A lot of people are upset because Amnesty International has now made it part of their platform to legalized prostitution and other forms of sex work.  The basic argument against Amnesty on this is "what about human trafficking and the forced exploitation of women?"

But, the thing is, those things mostly happen because prostitution is illegal.

Just think of history.

When pharmacists could legally sell cocaine and heroin, criminals had no interst in it and nobody was getting shot over it and quality control measures were in place. Once it was illegal all sorts of bad stuff happened leading to addiction, crime, violence and crappy drugs.

Same thing happened with booze in the 20s.

Now take a look at gambling in America. People used to get shot all the time and casinos used to be rigged all the time back when it was illegal. Now that it's legal and there are casinos everywhere that doesn't happen anymore. Nothing is rigged becasue there are controls in place and peolpe don't generally seek out illegal places where they might get killed over a debt, because it's easier and safer to go to the legal places.

Think about what would happen if prostitution were legalized. Very, very quickly corporations would start opening up McCock's and McPussy's franchises. They would be safe, the workers would be there voluntarily and people would choose them over finding someone on - where women would be more likely to be underaged and trafficked.

The financial incentive to bring forced labor into the industry would dry up pretty quickly. And once the financial incentives are gone, criminals would run away from it - because they could never compete against Sam Walton's Pussy-Mart.

Sure some creeps would still try to serve the pedo market, but their  numbers would be greatly reduced because the risk/reward ratio would be different.  Same as how we still have some moonshine, but the amount of people going blind from bathtub gin is much, much lower than it was in the 20s.

Who Wants To Know If Guys Try To Suck Their Own Cocks?

The context of this comes from the fact that my friends and I did a poll about how many guys in the bar we were at have tried to suck their own cocks. 15 have admitted to trying. One denied it and one has said he accomplished it. We then asked him if he swallowed and he said "no" so we told him he can never ask a woman to swallow.

That all makes me wonder if we are outliers or if trying to give a self blow job is normal and if there are superstars who have pulled it off. (So to speak.)

Poll #2019407 Self Sucking

Have You Ever Tried To Suck Your Own Cock?

I don't have a cock.

Did You Manage To Suck Your Own Cock?

Didn't try
Don't have a cock

If You Managed To Suck Your Own Cock Did You Swallow?

Never managed/don't have a cock

Do You Think A Guy Trying To Suck HIs Own Cock Is Gay?

Guys will stick their dick in anything and have no set sexuality.

If You Are A Woman Do You Think It Would Be Hot To See A Guy Suck His Own Cock?

Not a woman