August 10th, 2015

True Detective

Season Two of True Detective proves that time is a flat circle, in that it makes you spend over nine hours going exactly nowhere.

Plot threads vanish. It turns out that solving the murder has no impact on the plot or anyone at all. Character traits are introduced that lead nowhere. Hell, whole side plots exist without going anywhere (like, really, you build up her dad's weird relligion and then do nothing with it.)

The rule of Checkov's gun is constantly violated.  A scene with an orgy that ends up in murder is somehow rendered dull and distant.

Nobody speaks or acts like real people. There is just hours of bleakness. Endless scenes of people sitting across from each other at tables with nothing happening.

Honestly, if karma gives you a choice between watching a nine hour PowerPoint presentation by your boss's son or watching Season Two of True Detective go with the PowerPoint.