August 4th, 2015

You Can Go Your Own Way

My best friend  has moved back to the states. And while I know it was the right decision for her, damn it hurts.

But, it's something I should have gotten used to by now.

I'm not someone who really makes acquaintences. I usually have one or two friends in town (other than Rome Girl.) And every few years they change.

It's the nature of living in an expat community. People decide to go home. Or they start a family with a local and move out of the city and into the suburbs and you maybe see them once a month. Rome Girl and I are really the only ones who simply like living in town for the long haul and stay here.

If I did make acquaintainces it would be much easier on me I guess. Because I know my friends will leave eventually and then I'll feel really, really lonely until  I find someone else to connect with. And I have no idea how long that will take.

It has me in this headspace where I don't feel like going to the pool. I don't feel like talking to my shrink. I just feel like going to the beach and getting so involved in reading that I forget for a little while that I don't have someone to have a drink with and good coversation when I get to the bar at  night.