July 31st, 2015

Life Is Strange Chapter Four - The Dark Room - Review

I thought that Chapter Three was as dark and fucked up as videogames could go. I was wrong. With The Dark Room, the second to last chapter of the game, Life Is Strange starts exploring some really dark places and puts you in the position of making decisions that will tear your soul apart.

This is by far the longest chapter so far and the one with the most different plotlines available. I've played from two of my save points and gotten very different stories. People I've talked to online have gotten even more different stories. The sum total of all your choices has now created tons of branches of where things can go.

None of those places are bright and happy. In fact no matter what branch you are on 15 minutes into the game you will be given one of the most devastating choices to make that any game could possibly come up with. I sat staring for 10 minutes before clicking the button, because fuck if I know what the right thing to do is. (Later you are actually given the choice of whether to murder a main character and that choice was far easier than this choice.)

This chapter moves along at a much faster pace and is  heartbreaking. We've come to know even the minor characters fairly well so seeing awful, awful things start to happen to them is really hard to deal with.

The paranormal stuff is mostly put on hold this time around while it wraps up the Rachel Amber storyline. I don't think it's a spoiler to say that any hopes of her living a happy life in California don't come true.

We also find out who the Big Bad is.  I had guessed this back in Chapter One, but Rome Girl had thought I was crazy. It makes a lot of sense though since the game mostly wants to be as upsetting as possible.

At this point it looks like the final chapter will be mostly about the supernatural elements and Maxine dealing with the full sum of the choices she's made.

It's going to be a dark, dark ride.

Trigger warnings for this chapter: Teen suicide, assisted suicide, implied sexual violence, implied sexual torture, bullying, drugs, implied rape, implied high school teacher/student sex, stalking, drunk driving, implied sex trafficking, medical ethics, diability issues, very graphic murder.

A First Date Thing I See Very Often

Being a barfly means that I fairly often end up a table next to a couple obviously having a first date. And there is a dynamic I've noticed happening very often that I don't quite understand.

The woman does most of the talking. And most of her conversation is about other women she knows and the crazy/stupid things they've done while dating. This goes on for about a half hour.  Then she makes a comment to the effect that "girls must drive guys crazy. But I'm not like them."

Then she goes to explain in detail how she is different/less crazy than the other women she has been talking about.

What is the the strategy behind dealing with a first date this way?

From my point of view I'd be thinking "I'm on a date with a woman, so cleary I like women so why would I want a woman who says she's not like most women?"

But, maybe I'm crazy/not getting something.

Anyone else ever see this happen or have thoughts on it?