June 26th, 2015

No. It's Not Cool To Give Bristol Palin Shit If You Call Yourself Feminist, Liberal Or Progressive

Yesterday Bristol Palin announced she is pregnant again. And the blog world rose up and started giving her shit and making fun of her.

They are claiming it's political commentary. But you know what it really is - slut shaming.

Yes, she comes from a conservative family. Yes she has suggested abstience betore marriage. Yes she is unmarried.

But you are still giving a young woman shit for her sexual choices. It's just as bad to slut shame conservative women as it is to slut shame liberal women.

Let's put this in some context. She got pregnant initially at 16. And she then went on a lecture circut. Now, people have given her shit about that but:

1. She had to find some way to pay for having a baby.

2. She was 16 - and pretty much all of us have made poor choices when we were 16.

3. If you listen to what she says in her lectures she does not slut shame women. They are not the typical abstience lectures. Instead she simply tells students that she got pregnant when she was 16 and that made her life more difficult and she wishes she had waited to have sex because then she wouldn't be dealing with raising a baby at 16.

As to her current pregnancy (and even if the situation was different she shouldn't be slut shamed for it.) She's very early in her pregnancy. She was supposed to get married on Memorial Day. Her fiance ditched her a few days before Memorial Day. It's  not uncommon even for conservative women to have unproteced sex with their fiance a week or two before the wedding because the know they are going to be married soon anyway.

Bottom line. This is not an evil person. This is a young woman who is being treated like shit by progressives, feminists and liberals because she expressed her sexuality.

That's shitty  no matter who her mom is and what her beliefs are.