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June 16th, 2015

Orange Is The New Black - Season Three

1. So the solution to the fans hating the main character is to turn the main character into Nancy Botwin? Jenji - we've seen Nancy's story before with a better actress.

2. The Crazy Eyes storyline making fun of fandom is awesome.

3.  I think the "private prisons" suck thing was an interesting idea if a bit overdone.

4.  I do love how they show understands hate fucking.

5. The backstories were better this time around (even though most of the crimes we see would not have gotten these women sentenced to fenderal prison. Murder is a state charge, yo!)

6. The last five minutes of the season was ridiculous. Jenji was clearly super high when writing that.

7. I feel like there should have been a stronger resoulution to the prison rape storyline.

8. Not having Piper's fiance this season was a good idea.

9. I can't wait to see how that TV star lady does in prison.

10. Prison life is going to get real next season.

There Is No Way This Feature Won't Cause Drama

Live Journal is now going to give you the option of going through the comments on your blog and picking one comment to be the best comment.

How is that going to work?

I have some entries like Cat Stark Is A Bitch that got comments for years after I posted it.

And no matter what as soon as you pick anybody's comment as Best Comment you are going to create bad feelings - and make other people feel like there is no point in commenting because someone else will have already been "best."

Man there are going to be some bad feelings over this.

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