May 30th, 2015

No. The Law Does Not Protect Women From Men Being Assholes

I can't believe I have to explain why I didn't call the cops in this situation.

The truth is there is no law against a guy saying things in public that make a woman uncomfortable.

Yes, asking a woman loudly if she wants him is shitty. Yes, asking her why she doesn't want him is shitty. Yes, asking her if it is because you are black is shitty.

But, being an asshole isn't against the  law.  You can cat call, say things like that, and generally do a lot of shit that will make a woman scared but still not be breaking the law. And you can't call up the cops and say "this guy isn't breaking the law but he's being shitty, please send someone out."

That's not the way the world works. And if men (I notice it is mostly men who seem confused by this) don't understand that, then maybe you don't understand just how scary the world can be for women.