May 27th, 2015

When You Can't Stop Sexual Bullshit

On Monday I went to the beach.

When I got to the bus stop to come home there were about 16 giant young men who had clearly been drinking all day. But, they were nice to me.

"Sir," one of them said "You can get on in front of us. We are pissed!"

It turned out that they were a Dutch rugby team in town for something called a friendly - and they were friendly.

On the bus to the  tram stop they were very nice to me and asked tourist questions.

They were cool enough where I messaged a female friend of mine who likes rugby boys that she would have been having a good time if she was with me.

After the bus we moved on to the tram. And the rugby boys remained amusing taking turns doing push ups.

Again, I sent a message to my female friend saying she would be having a great time.

Then, things changed.

One of the guys went up to a young woman and asked her if she spoke French. She made it clear she was American and spoke English.

At that point the guy said "Do you want me?"

She said "No"

He said "Why don't you wan't me?"

She was dead silent.

He said "You can not want me, but you have to tell me why you don't want me."

She was dead silent.

"Is it because I'm black, bitch," he said. "Do you think I'm not good enough because I'm black? Why the fuck don't you want me?!

She was dead silent.

"You are a racist bitch," he then said.

At that point the tram pulled up to the stop the rugby players needed to be. They all got off.

And you could feel the entire tram breath a sigh of relief.

I think everyone on that tram wished we had done something.

But the truth is the guy  had 15 giant friends who were not stopping it. I'm happy to punch one asshole in the face - but if he has 15 friends I know that I'm not going to do any good. And I bet everyone on that tram felt the same way.

What makes me feel even worse though is that I bet most of the people on that Dutch rugby team also thought the guy was being an ass. But because he was a member of their team thought it was better to look the other way.

And what makes it really awful is that all those guys seemed so fucking nice.