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May 23rd, 2015

Observations Of A Late Smartphone Adopter

So, after years of putting it off, I finally got a smart phone last week. A Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime. My initial observations after four days of ownership.

1. People told me this was a mid range and "slow" model. Honestly it seems lightning fast to me. I think it's all relative. I was used to using my Nintendo 3DS to check email and Facebook. Since this is a million times faster than that, it feels like lightning to me. If I was already used to fast things I might feel differently.

2. It took me over five hours to figure out how it works. Now that I understand it it is really easy to use. But if you dont' know much about smartphones at first it's a real pain and it explains  nothing. For example it took me seven tries to answer a phone call because when Big Green Button came up I pressed it instead of sliding it. There is nothing to indicate you should slide instead of press and logic would suggest you push buttons not slide them. Same with many things (a lightning bold indicates you want to use the flash) that are easy once you've seen a YouTube video or asked someone, but  not so much on their own. Would it be that hard to have little suggestion icons (that you could eventually turn off) built into the OS?

3. Same goes for getting apps. Why not have a button that reads "Get Apps" rather than "Play Store."  It never occured to me to click that button because I assumed that was just games and if I want to play games while I'm out and about I have a ton on my 3DS.

4. Snapchat will not let you use killallwhitepeople666 as a password but will allow diewhiteydie666 as a password. This led me to find out that the domain OnlyBlacksShouldSurvive.com is available.

5. If you buy a mid range phone like this your odds of finding a cool case for it are low. I went to a bunch of case shops and they had awesome cases for what seemed like everything but when I said "Galaxy Grand Prime" was generally shown about three cases nearly all of them unattractive. I settled on a fake black leather one, because it was the least "I Am An Accountant On Vacation" looking.

6. I turned on the thing in the keyboard that lets it keep track of what I type so it can more easily figure out what I'm trying to type and give better suggestions. It now suggests killallwhitepeople666 if I type in the letter "K." So, I guess that means it's working, but that could also lead to a really bad typo to clients.

7. Yes it is addictive. I am now one of those people.

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