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May 19th, 2015

The Don Draper Song

I'd like to buy Meghan a home
And furnish it with love

Invite Roger Sterling over
He might bring some drugs!

I'd like to teach Sallly to sing
In perfect harmony

But not with that weird fat kid
Or his type of company.

(That's what Betty sings!)

I'd like to see my firm for once
Talking a firmer  stand

Telling a client to fuck off
Because we like another brand

Oh, For Fucks Sake Game Of Thrones

Really, you put in another pointless rape scene that is directly contradicted by the source material itself?

Did you not learn from the fan backlash the last time you tried that shit?

And don't give any bullshit of "well it was her husband" - or "she never said no" because she certainly didn't want to get fucked that way.

Look, I know Feast For Crows is a boring ass book and you want to add stuff so that this season has some substance to it - but rape should not be your fallback position - particularly when we know that in a couple of episodes you are going to have something even worse to put up on screen.

Life Is Strange Chapter Three - Chaos Theory- Review

Ok, that was the most brutal, unexpected and heart breaking thing I've ever seen in a video game.  That they actually have a scene more fucked up this time around than the "bad ending" of Chapter Two is astounding.

People on the Life Is Strange Facebook page are posting that they were sobbing at one point - and I don't blame them. Fuck, I might take an extra xanax to avoid nightmares tonight. IF YOUR TEENAGER HAS THIS GAME PLEASE BE PREPARED TO TALK TO THEM AFTER THE EPISODE IS OVER.

This time around the chapter is much longer than the first two. It took me about 4 hours to play through for the first time. (Obviously I will be playing it 10 more times to see if I can find a Consequence Point that will make things at least slightly less fucked up.)

There are more puzzles than before and they are more interesting and reasonable puzzles than in Chapter Two.  It is a little bit glitchy - but this is the first day of release so I'm guessing we'll see a patch soon, and the glitches don't screw up the game play, they just cause some jerkiness in a couple of the cut scenes.

They are dealing with the LGBT subtext more openly in this chapter, though it's still subtle. But it feels real to me.

We get a lot more backstory and learn more about the history of the two main girls and that's interesting.

Also Max herself is finally starting to get the point that her actions have consequences.

By this point if you are considering buying the game assume that it should carry a trigger warning FOR ANYTHING YOU COULD POSSIBLY THINK OF.  (Though I'm glad that the game itself has an option for you to get local numbers for support groups on the title screen.)

It's weird. If I had a teenager I think I'd really want them to play this game because it deals with teenage issues in a very real and serious way. But god would I want to be there for them after they played it.

Chaos Theory is tough love.

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