May 17th, 2015

Mad Max Fury Road - Review

Watching Mad Max - Fury Road is like dropping acid and then watching a Fast And Furisous film and a gore fest horror film at the same time, while reading a women's studies text book.

It is by far the strangest film I've ever seen. It's also a lot of fun. The oddest thing about it is that Max himself is a secondary character. The main character is a woman they've decided to call Furiosa, but who really should be named "Ellen Ripley" because that's clearly who she's based on. (They could also easily have named the bad guy "Bane.")

You must see this film in 3D - if for no other reason than an effect at the end that is spectacular.

The film is wonderfully over the top. There is nothing so ridiculous that they won't stick it in the frame at some point. There is almost no plot other than "matriarcy good, patriarchy bad." But it doesn't need a plot. It just needs really odd fast cars, lots of blood and weirdo weapons.

I think this is the film Ed Wood would have made if someone had given him $100 million and modern technology. It is that strange. But in it's willingness to do anything as long as it ends in bloodshed, the film is brilliant.

As Hedgehog said it's like they took a children's cartoon and filmed it for grown ups.