May 4th, 2015

In Which I Make The Killing Joke

My dad has been sending me messages from the point of viiew of his new kitten, Bandit, that are threatening to my kitten, Ms. Harley Quinn.

So, Ms. Harley  Quinn asked  me to send this message back to  Bandit and my dad:


Mr. Calendar,

I love your son - which is why he and Rome Girl are still alive.

That said, Mr. B and Ms C think I'm just a cat.

I'm much more than that.

You say that Bandit could take me.

Well, let's find that out.

My name is Harley Quin.

I am death to anyone who does not understand me.

Are you ready to die Mr Bandit?

I sugest you ask Barbara Gordon about what might happen to you.

Make your choice.

Live or die.




Charlotte Elizabeth Diana

Could they have come up with a more obvious boring  pandering name if they tried?

Let me get this right:

The feminine form of "Charles"

Plus a nod to Queen Elizabeth

Plus the name of the only super popular royal in the last 30 years.

Something for everyone!