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April 22nd, 2015

The Best Time Waster Of All Time

PornMD now lets you see the search terms people are using in real time.

No dirty images, but obviously some of the words on the screen are dirty.

Fuck Disney And Their Bullshit Sexist Avengers Merch Decisions

So, it turns out that if you are a fan of Black Widow and want an Avengers 2 T-shirt you are shit out of luck. Disney has decided to not put her on most of the products associated with the film - except for key chains and coffee mugs. (Two items children love.)

The reason? They are worried that putting her image on stuff might make girls want the T-shirts and toys and that could cause them to sell fewer Princess related products (on the assumption that parents will only buy so much stuff for their kids.)

This is such bullshit. Some girls like Princess crap. Some like Black Widow crap. (DC - please note that some even like Harley Quinn crap.)

A nine year old girl isn't suddenly going to not want a Cinderella shirt just because there is a Black Widow shirt. And a nine year old who wants a Black Widow shirt isn't going to suddenly want a Snow White shirt just because she can't get a Black Widow shirt.

Little girls are people. And people have different tastes. You can, in fact, cater to all of them without hurting your bottom line.

What's really astounding is that it's Disney that is making this decision. They are supposed to be the all out masters of selling shit to kids. Yet, they are stuck in some weirdo retrograde mode where they think all little girls want to be princessess.

They don't. Many of them would rather beat up The Silver Surfer than marry the prince.

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