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April 7th, 2015

The GOP Field At This Point

I have a theory about what's going on with the lead up to the 2016 elections. I think that the GOP is playing a very smart strategy - they've decided to let themselves lose the presidency again and instead take over state legistlatures and governorships.

The reason they want to do so is that they figure Congress can always stymie a president and that the current Supreme Court is going to be very States Rights vs. Federal Rights, so that the real power will be at the local and not national level. And, with a democrat as President anything that does go wrong they can blame on her.

Just consider the people they are thinking of running for president in the primaries and tell me this isn't an intentional losing field.

1. Ted Cruz. Someone with a Hispanic name who was born in Canada. Good fucking luck.

2. Rand Paul. Yeah, just like his dad, but younger! And there aren't really as many Libertarian voters as you think there are.

3. Jeb Bush. Did you know that his senior campaign advisor has told local groups that support him to keep his last name off of bumper stickers? If you can't even feel comfortable putting your last name on a bumper sticker you are fucked.

4. Huckabee. Three time loser. Fourth time is not the charm.

5. Scott Walker. Good luck winning with every union, every teacher and every retail employee in America hating you.

6. Chris Christie. The dude is too crooked even by New Jersey standards.

7.  Rick Perry. The Moonbeam Brown of the GOP.

8.  Marco Rubio. The "Crown Prince Of The Tea Party Movement" ain't going to get any support from the people who really run the GOP.

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