April 6th, 2015

Furious 7

I have to say I'm somewhat impressed. Rome Girl is a big fan of the Fast And Furious films but I never really got into watching them at home.   This was the first one I saw in a theater and it was super fun.

Of course it makes no sense at all. And the plot is like something Ian Fleming would write on meth, but I don't think that's a problem. This is a genre film and it delivers what you would expect from the genre and more.

The best is them bringing Kurt Russell into the movie as a sort of aging Snake Plisken who  has decided to co-operate with the government.

I did think the last action sequence went on a bit too long, but the other sequences were just about perfect. The dude from Snatch as the bad guy is brilliant casting and I liked seeing the slave girl from Game Of  Thrones doing some actual acting.

The story is like a long episode of Alias, complete with the obligatory scene in costume where they have to infiltrate a party in order to get  flash drive.

Anyway, if you want two  hours of fast guys doing impossible things and James Bond type action you could do a lot worse.

Rolling Stone Rape Story Retraction

So.... let me see if I got this right. Rolling Stone published a story about a woman who claimed she was gang raped but at  no point in the reporting process did they:

1. Find out if the person she said was the ring leader actualy exists. (He doesn't.)

2. Contact any of the three people who she claimed would confirm her story. (All three say they would have said she was full of shit.)

3. Find out if there was actually a frat party that night for her to be raped at (There wasn't.)

4. Give the frat or the national office of the frat a reasonable chance to refute the allegations.

5. Listen to the fact checker who thought the story was full of shit. (Who then backed down because her boss terrified her when she brought up her concerns.)

And...  nobody is getting fired over this?