March 30th, 2015

The Pushback Begins

(AP) - Saying he wants to send an important symbolic "message to the nation" San Fransico Mayor Ed Lee signed an executive order Monday allowing businesses in the city to refuse service to potential customers based on their percieved heterosexual status.

"While there is no way to determine objectively if someone is heterosexual, there are common traits generally associated with heterosexuals," Lee said. "I can understand how those traits might make gay, bisexual and lesbian workers and business owners uncomfortable. Therefore it seems reasonable to me that they should not be forced to engage in commerce with them."

The Mayor said that the order was partially in response to laws in several states, including Indiana, that allow companies to refuse to serve percieved homosexual members of the public.

"But that's not the only reason," he said. "This is also a public safety issue. Study after study shows that alowing percieved heterosexuals into gay owned businesses is dangerous. This is particularly true when the person presents as heterosexual but is, unkown to the general public, secretly homosexual. They often engage in violence which taxes the resources of the city's hopsitals and the police department."

Lee said that each business will be able to set their own standards on what criteria should be used to determine if someone seems to be heterosexual.

"It could be as in your face as public displays of affection or as subtle as wearing a fanny pack or mom jeans," he said. "It's completely up to the business owners and their employees themselves."