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March 28th, 2015

Life Is Strange Chapter Two

Played through Chapter Two of Life Is Strange for the first time today. (I say first time becasue the entire plot of this chapter depends on what choices I made in Chapter One. Rome Girl and I have multiple Chapter One save slots, so we'll play it through again with different decisions from the first time around and see what we get.)

So far it conitinues to be excellent. Chapter Two is much darker themed than the first chapter. We have to deal with issues of date rape, sex tapes posted on the Interent and teen suicide as well as drugs.  (Depending on the choices you made in Chapter One you either get to save one of your friends from suicide or watch her kill herself in front of you.)

There is a mini-game about collecting bottles about half way through that's stupid. But now that I know the solution I'll be able to do it in two minutes on the next play through, so I don't fault the chapter too much for that bit of fuckwittery.

Chapter Three is going to be the true test of this title. The first chapter taught us the mechanics of the game and how fun it can be to be able to alter time. This chapter sets up the bad guys, shows us the town and gives us insight into the characters. It also foreshadows a lot of dark shit about to come.

Now that all the pieces are in place it will be time in Chapter Three to see just how evil this town can get and if the girl can save the day or if her choices are going to start really, really fucking with things.

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