March 17th, 2015

The Way My 10 Year Old Cat And My Six Week Old Cat Currently Interact

1. Both of them sleep most of the time.

2. Then they wake up.

3. They then run at each other butting heads three or four times.

4. The older cat, Squirt,  tries to win the fight buy throwing her right leg out to trip Harley Quinn.

5. Harley, who has seen this move like 50 times in the past day, jumps over Squirt's trip attempt.

6. Harley Quinn then jumps on Squirt's face.

7. Squirt then rolls over and shows her belly in surrender.

8. The two of them then cuddle and groom each other.

9. 10 Minutes later this process starts again.

10. I sit in wonder because I want to assume Squirt is teaching Harley Quinn something about fighting, but it may be that Harley just has better natural skills.