March 11th, 2015

What Are Your Thoughts On Choreplay?

Over the past few years I've seen the word "Choreplay" used more and more in relationship advice guides. I always wondered if it would go sort of mainstream and given that Jezebel did an article about it yesterday, I guess it is heading in that direction. So I'm curious as to what people think of the idea.

The concept is this. Lots of live in heterosexual relationships have problems because the female partner ends up doing more of the housework than the male partner. Many women have noticed that fighting about it doesn't solve the problem so they look for ways to motivate the dude into doing more shit around the house.

The advice given in books and advice collumns is to engage in "choreplay." What this means in practice is if  he does something simple around the  house tell him he'll get a hand job. If he does something complex like the laundry promise him a blow job. If he does something really complex like completely organize all of the closests offer him anal/some fetish he's into/anything he would consider hotter than a blow job.

The responses to t his are always really mixed and heated. You get about half the women saying "Yes, I've tried this and three minutes of sucking dick is much easier than doing laundry and ironing, I'm so glad I tried this!" and the other half being like "This is such bullshit I hope all you assholes die in a fire."

What do you think?

Choreplay - an effective way to make sure shit gets done or the most shity piece of advice ever given to women in the history of mankind?