March 5th, 2015

On The Word "Cis"

Jesus christ, I'm busy for a day and come back to a flame fight about the word "cis" on my blog. WTF - did I travel back in time to 2010? This whole debate should be settled already.

Here is the fucking deal - before "Cis" came to be the English language terms were "transgendered" and "normal." But anyone who has known a transgendered person knows they are just as likely to be "normal" as anyone else. And there are plenty of non transgendered people who are not in any way "normal."

So the trans community came up with the word "cis" - because it is far more  accurate than the word "normal."  Hell, I'm cis gendered and I'd be offended by being called "normal."  It's not a hard word - it's three fucking letters. They made it as easy as humanly possible to use. They didn't ask you to learn some complex term.

They created a harmless, neutral term - which is better than the cis community ever did for them while spending generations calling transgendered people "chicks with dicks", "trainnies" and a whole host of other terms.

People want you to use a three letter word simply because it's easy, accurate and non offensive.

How fucking difficult is that?