February 25th, 2015

The Next Best Seller

It was on the train to Flogwarts, that I first saw him sparkle and wondered why I never noticed how male he was before. I hoped Blaine, back home in Camp 23, would understand that I was just leaving in order to save my sister, Flora.

The journey was long and food was short and while I tried to think of how much harder Blaine had it, I couldn't keep my eyes away from Edward and the short whip that was poking out of his backpack.  This year we'd be learning both the dark arts and the darker side of love. Did some part of me, even then, wonder if he would be my lab partner in the flogging class? Maybe it did and if so, I'm sure it was just because I knew he'd be perfect at helping me prepare for the The Game so my family would not have to live in poverty anymore. I felt my  nipple clamps under my school uniform and began to wonder if signing the contract was a mistake. But if I didn't help entertain the Citizens Of The Center, then Flora would have to and I did not believe her to be as strong a witch as I am.