February 24th, 2015

Google Targets Alternative Sexualities With Blogger Adult Content Deletion

On Monday thousands of people with Blogger accounts got notified by Google that there blogs will be nuked on March 23.

It does matter how many years or  hundreds of entries the blog has, if it has ever gotten an adult content warning for any reason at all it will be gone from public view. This is really not a lot of warning for people who have spent years building their blog and an audience.

What's even worse is that anyone who has ever gone to a Blogger blog knows that the adult content warning (which is how they decide which blogs to  nuke) has been applied heavily to sites that deal with gay, lesbian, asexual and trans issues.

Hell, sites that have nothing but stories about men using magic spells to turn into women have gotten the label as have sites that feature attractive clothed people with captions reading "I don't like sex!"

It's really going to fuck a lot of people over and its' really a shame.

Fuck you Google.