February 21st, 2015

What Dreams May Come

Just woke up from a dream where I was wriiting a short story. While I can't remember all the words I wrote I can remember the basic details of the story.

A young man, about 19 or 20, is invited to spend a month during the summer with a friend at the friend's parent's place, a mansion somewhere in New England.  The two friends spend a good deal of their time together playing cards. One night, around 4 a.m his friend wakes him up and offers to introduce him to people who are considering making him a member of a card playing club.

He goes downstairs and there are two gentlemen, one with a bottle of gin in front of himself, one with a bottle of whiskey. His friend is holding a bottle of vodka and hands him a bottle of tequilla.  Shots are poured all around and the group ends up playing a festive game of bridge.

When the game is done the two men ask him to tell him why he should be allowed in the club and why he should not be.

As to why he says, "I love to drink, I love to play cards and I love your company" As to why not he says "I may talk too much, you are better players and as of yet I can't afford a bottle all the time."

One of the men says, "Sorry, but you lost out on membership when you said you talk too much. We are drunks, there can never be too much talking."

The two club members take their leave.

"You may yet see us again," the other club members calls out from the doorway.

Around 30 years later the no longer young man has his own mansion in New England. But, he's lost his wife and his children don't care about  him. He's sitting alone in his mansion and, feeling morose, drives to a liquor store and buys a bottle of gin, a bottle of vodka, a bottle of whiskey, a bottle of tequilla and a deck of cards.

At home, he starts taking shots from each of them and suddenly there is a knock on the door.  He answers it and there are the two club members, and his friend, who  he has not seen in years, but can still recognize.

They sit down to play cards, but his old friend passes out immediately. Since they don't have four people to play bridge they decide to play Sgt. Major - a three player version of bridge.

The three get very drunk while they play, have a great time and pat each other on the back. Finally the night is over and when the two club members deicde it's time to leave they ask the no longer young man to come with them.

He asks "where? - at which point they point at his armchair where he sees his own  dead body.

"We told you to talk more," one of the club members says. "Now you have all the time in the world."