February 19th, 2015


Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I fucked up my back during birthday weekend shenanigans which meant I had to be online as little as possible. Here's some general updates.

1. I hope my back is completely healed by tomorrow so I can go back to the pool.

2. Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell is awesome and features Shakespere as a demon sent to torture high school students for centuries.

3. We started watching Eye Candy. The show should by all rights suck, but it's so insane it gets into Ringer land and is fun. Plus, I've never seen a show with as many attractive people in it. Eye candy indeed.

4. Told my shrink today that my back shit makes me feel like an old man. She pointed out that I'm in better shape and healither than in the entire time she's known me and that I should get over myself.

5. Better Call Saul is growing on me.

6. Hedgehog, Rome Girl and I are thinking about smoking all the pot in the world and then going to 50 Shades Of Grey.

7. Clicked on what I thought was a regular porn link on Fleshbot. Found out there is an entire genre of porn dedicated to black men getting so many Euro  chicks pregnant that the white race dies out. There are seriously dozens of these sites None of them are really a turn on, but the dedication put into them is astounding. If this is anyone's thing I'll send the link to the Swedish one that the guy updates about 15 times a day.

8. Got a lazer pointer. Tried to use it to play with the cat. The cat found it boring/couldn't figure out why the hell I was projecting a red dot near it.