February 9th, 2015

Swimming Update

So, while in an ideal world I'd swim every other day I'm sort of in a routine where I swim twice a week most weeks, and then feel great when I'm able to get a third swim in.

Mostly it's a matter of timing. I do have to get some errands done sometimes and sometimes work takes longer than expected - and I've noticed that for a really good swim I need to get there around 3 p.m. Earlier or later and the pool is so crowded I'm spending more time dodging idiots than normal swimming. (I could go at 9 a.m. but then I'm so endorphin high that I can't concentrate at work.)

I'm sticking to a kilometer each session - but working on improving my form and speed. I can now do a kilometer in 35 minutes assuming I sprint the last half-K.

My arms and legs are looking much better and I can tell I'm losing weight on the side of my stomach. It's still not doing much for the front of my belly, but I'll just have to trust that will work itself out in time.

I'm also walking at least 10,000 steps on the days I don't swim. It's weird. According to the pedometer on my 3Ds I did more walking in the first five days of the month than I did in the entire month last February.

I went to buy pants on Saturday. Last year I was an EU sized 48. This time I bought size 44 - though really I should buy size 43, but they don't make size 43. So,  my pants are slightly loose. Hoping to get into a 42 whenever I need pants again.