January 20th, 2015

France Fucking Up

You know, for like a week it looked like France was going to respond to terrorism in the right way - by coming together and being reasonable and calling for fairness for all people. Unlike other countries that respond to terrorism by limiting freedom, giving shit to innocent people and starting wars.

But, fuck me, nope. France is being a dickanoodle.  What they are doing is arresting people who speak in favor of jihad.

Jesus fucking christ. The whole point of these dickweeds killing people at a newspaper is that they wanted to limit the right to free speach in France.

Taking their cue and limiting the rights of free speach for your citizens is not exactly a way to show them that they were wrong.

Threatening to throw people in jail for years and years simply for saying horrible things is not how you demonstrate your support of freedom. It's how you tell the asshole terrorists that they were right.

Seriously, France could not have come up with a more fucked up way to respond to this if they tried.