January 1st, 2015

The People I See Every Day

Every day after swimming or walking 10,000 steps I stop into a cafe to read a book for a newspaper for a bit before I meet Hedgehog for a couple beers. The cafe I go to outlooks a huge and popular terrace and over the years there are certain people who I see walk by every singe day.

1. The Twins. These two boys are about 8 or 9 years old. One carries a guitar on his back that is considerably taller than he is. The other is generally on a scooter.

2. The Bike Man. This dudes owns tons of bikes, vespas and motorcycles. Each one is done up to look like the flag of a given country. I always wonder what country he's going to represent on a given day.

3. The Mob Guy. He's the dude who sells "fire insurance" to the local cafes and restaurants. Part of me really wants to ask why the wok place around the corner went up in flames a few months ago. Part of me really doesn't want to know.

4. The Flower Dude. He tries to sell roses to anyone who looks like they  might be part of a couple. I tried to get him to stop asking me whenever I'm there with Hedgehog or Rome Girl but he persists. At this point when he comes around I say to him "Hail Satan" and he says "Hail Satan" back to me. He doesn't seem to speak English, so he may think this is a normal greeting.

5. The Ancient One. This dude is somewhere between 75 and 145 years old. He orders one cup of coffee and smokes three small cigars every day and then leaves. He always says "hi" to me.