December 26th, 2014

Stealth - Assasin's Creed Unity Vs. The Last Of Us

Until about a month ago I'd never played any games that relied on stealth. Then I got my PS4 and The Last Of Us and yesterday I got Assasin's Creed Unity. Both are billed as stealth games, but both use that term very differently. I like both games - but, honestly, wish that AC Unity wasn't a stealth game. Here's why:

In The Last Of Us the stealth is a natural part of the basis of the game. Resources are scarce. You are in charge of a little girl. Trying to avoid combat is how a real human being would behave in many of these situations. Plus, it gives you chances to kick ass and beat the crap out of people fairly often, so it's not all skulking around. Just when you get tired of it, you can run up to five guys with a flamethrower and burn them up. You just have to pick your battles.

In Assasin's Creed Unity the entire idea of being stealthy is insane. It's just put in there to make the game harder. Look, you are surrounded by people in late 18th Century France who are dressed the way people did back then. Meanwhile, you are dressed up in a bright blue hoodie. Are you really going to be able to blend into a crowd? Plus he's leaping from building to building like Spider-Man.  We are meant to believe that  nobody notices any of that stuff, but if he gets close to a random mission character suddenly he's "suspicious." And the stealth doesn't even make logical sense as a strategy he'd employ if he wasn't so obviously a weirdo. At this point in the game he's spent a year being trained as a master killer. You really expect me to believe that  he needs to sneak around two starving French soldiers? Finally, he has unlimited resources - so why not let the character use them and kill 10 people at a time. It would be a lot more fun and not fry the logic part of my brain while playing it.